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This page was last updated: March 31, 2020
    Welcome to B&N CUSTOM LURES formerly Fishall Lures. B&N  purchased  the Talonz lineup of Lures from Fishall Lures in 2017 and now manufacture all Talonz Crankbaits in Waynesfield Ohio. These lures are still hand made with pride and carry on the tradition of high quality set by The original designer long time lure builder Michael King who formed Fishall Lures in 2006.  Now owned by Bob and Nick Cox the Talonz line of fine crankbaits continues to be some of the best built and high quality lures in the world today. Take a tour of the website and see the old school wire through construction and screw eye construction built baits. See the color charts and pictures of muskies caught. Use the purchase page to order your lures today.